PINK picked onion

Preserve I Contadini

Puglia, Italy

I Contadini has chosen a very sweet variety of red onion with a delicate taste that they grow in an open field from February and harvest by hand in July, when it takes on its most intense colour, fully ripe. But the real novelty is the packaging process, a highly innovative procedure called “Vasocottura” (cooking in a jar): the fresh onions are processed and cooked gently and literally in a jar. Thanks to this new process, all the nutritional principles and organoleptic characteristics of the onions are enclosed in the jar. Onions have many benefits, are detoxifying, maintain good blood pressure and contain many antioxidants. The perfect balance, full bodied flavour and refined crunchiness of this product will allow you to add value to your dishes.

Ingredients: red onion (60%), water, apple vinegar, sugar.

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580ml/6: COCPLA

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