Espresso Italiano Blend in beans

Caffè del Faro

Marche, Italy

Composition:  Blend of excellent Arabica beans from Brazil and Colombia with superior Robusta beans from India.  Medium roast.

This blend has a full-bodied taste, we have at the same time Arabica characteristics, its floral aroma and its pleasant light acidity that evokes lime citrus notes, and the strength, light bitterness of the Robusta beans, without forgetting his stimulating effect.  The taste of the ESPRESSO ITALIANO BLEND is quite complex and persistent with notes of chocolate, roasted almonds and hazelnuts and fruit flavor.  It is a true Italian taste.

We recommend this blend for a full-bodied espresso.  It contains more cafein (2,2%) than the other blends offered by this house.  The crema is persistent and sticks to the cup.  For his stimulating effect, we recommend this blend for your coffee breaks and after a rich meal.

Available Sizes

Product Codes

250g/12: ROB209

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