Molino Riva was founded as a mill and pasta factory in 1868 in the centre of Chiavenna along the river Mera. The water of the river was used to move the millstones and pasta machines, following an eco-friendly approach that has lasted through time.  This old mill has been restored and is now an interesting museum of industrial archealogy.  At the end of the Sixties, Molino Riva moved to its current headquarters, but their source of energy is still clean:  it comes from the hydroelectric power stations of Valtellina.

Molino Riva traditionally produces durum wheat semolina pasta as well as other delicious specialties from Valtellina.. Including the renowned Pizzoccheri, or buckwheat tagliatelle.  Pizzoccheri are one the most flavourful and ancient recipes of the area:  the sauce used for this particular pasta contains a series of genuine ingredients coming for cultivations and productions that are typical of Valtellina:  butter, cheese, savoy cabbage and potatoes.

Together with its pasta production, Molino Riva also offers a range of polenta flours, from the traditional corn flours to those created for the so-called polenta taragna-- which is based on both corn flour and buckwheat flour.  In case you have to hurry, but still crave for some polenta, Molino Riva also offers you a special instantaneous polenta, precooked and ready in just 2 minutes.