Piero Rondolino and his Acquerello Carnaroli rice: a long tradition of Italian rice production

Piero Rondolino has dedicated his life to the production of a work of art:  the rice Acquerello Carnaroli. Il riso Acquerello is a top quality rice, aged over 15 months, chemical and preservative free,  and ideal for risotto, as well as paella, soups and desserts.

In 1935, Piero Rondolino's father, Cesare, decided to become a rice producer.  Later he purchased the Tenuta Colombara, famous for its fertile fields and abundance of water, thus particularly fit for rice growing.

In 1972, Piero joined him to help getting on extensive agriculture.  By that time, the best and more productive rice varieties were cultivated in industrial scale and were particularly suitable for rice milling plants.  Piero had a different dream:  he wanted to produce the best rice in the world.

In 1992, Piero Rondolino decided to start the production of Il Riso Acquerello Carnaroli rice, a high quality type of rice that is rooted in the varieties Vialone and Lencino.  In 2000, Piero and his sons chose to seed just the Carnaroli type of rice, in order to reach the very highest purity of the crops. It is also at that period that started a collaboration with Slow Food.  Now, their product is exported in 30 countries all over the world and the family is happy to share Chef Alain Ducasse's comment on Acquerello rice:  'It is the Rolls Royce of rice'.