Frantoio Galantino

The Galantino family business dates back to 1926, when Vito Galantino hade the foresight  and determination to acquire a majestic Nineteenth Century mill-house, and  turned it into an olive oil mill.

Since then, two generations of the Galantino family have run the mill, carrying it to dizzying heights of quality.

Today the Galantino Mill uses olives from the Fenice family estate and from 2.000 reliable growers.

Careful handing of the olive fruits at the best stage of ripeness, careful selection, washing and crushing in the great stone olive mills, cold pressing and centrifugal separation, enhance the flavour and fragrance of Galantino Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  After laboratory analysis and organoleptic assessment, and only then, does our Master of Olive Oil select and certify the oil.

The company and olive mill are in Bisceglie, right in the heart of Apulia. This region produces more olives than anywhere else in the world. Bisceglie is a beautiful medieval town, situated on the Andriatic coast 35km on the Adriatic coast 35 km north of Bari, surrounded by ancient churches, monuments, castles and traditional Apulian dwellings, “trulli”.

This is a land rich in ancient olive trees that gives its name to an oil known for its quality and stability.  The Galantino Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been awarded the protected denomination of Origin (D.O.P) Terra di Bari - Castel del Monte, a certification that ensures full compliance with qualitative and tasting oil characteristics determined by the productions procedures of the D.O.P.