The company

In 1998 Angelo Rindone unites forces with Patrick Tomaras to build a company that would enable Quebecers to discover the quintessence of Italian gastronomy. The company first specialized in the importation of high quality olive oils but quickly expanded to include a larger variety of fine Italian food products, which today accounts for over two-dozen different lines of products.  In addition, the increased demand for their high quality products as well as a fast-growing clientele resulted in ITACA's market expansion towards Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.

ITACA direct works in partnership with many Italian food specialists in Montreal, New York, Toronto, and Vancouver in addition to participating in numerous food events to introduce and promote its fine quality Italian products to all epicureans across Canada. The company also provides information sessions and tastings of its products, an exclusive line for restaurants as well as a specialized chef who will prepare customized recipes for our high-valued customers.

Itaca Direct places a high importance on the search for unique producers offering the highest quality artisan Italian products. We are constantly traveling to Italy searching for new hidden treasures and remaining vigilant of the latest food arrivals on the market because we fundamentally believe that each meal deserves the best quality products. We ensure the quality of all of our products by knowing and developing a strong bond with each and every producer and by regularly visiting their fields and production facilities throughout Italy.