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Wholewheat organic pasta: Penne Rigate


Benevento, Italy

In February 2011, RUMMO starts his production of whole wheat organic pasta.  They are made the same way as the others but with only 100% organic products from Italy.

To make their excellent pasta, RUMMO selects only the best durum wheat, the only ones able to ensure the right protein content in the pasta and use only the purest water of the Sannio Valley.

Thanks to the Lenta Lavorazione method and the care taken by their pasta makers, RUMMO pasta is now certified for holding its shape when cooked and for the quality of the flours used.  Each type of pasta is monitored and subject to tests and samples by two chefs to ensure it meets the certified characteristics.

Length:  51mm   -  Thickness:  1,25mm

Diameter:  8,85mm

Cooking time:  11 minutes.

Available SizeProduct Code
500g/16: R2042066

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