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Instant Polenta with corn flour

Molino Riva

Lombardy, Italy

This flour for instant polenta is produced from the best varieties of corn, according to the most traditional milling methods. 

It has the advantage to cook in a few minutes.  Try it with cotechino (cooked pork sausage) and lentil stew, the recipe Italians use to welcome the beginning of the new year with taste.

Polenta was first conceived in rural areas, particularly in the North of Italy.  It is most commonly made from corn semolina, a staple grain of the region that is high in vitamin B.

Versatile, polenta can be eaten cold and often replaces bread.  It can be made into pizzas, grilled or served with an accompany sauce; it can be slathered with pesto or cheese and can be served as an appetizer as well as being made into a dessert.  In fact, every region in Italy has its typical polenta recipes.  It's up to you to invent your own!

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1kg/10: PC152MO74S

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