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Salami Finocchiona (fennel)


San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy

This typical Tuscan salami is named after the fennel which, added to the pork meat mix, pleasantly characterizes its flavour.  In some areas of Tuscany, it is usually called 'crumbling' because its slices tend to crumble when you cut them.  This product is available only in the best Tuscan butcher's shops.


Pork shoulder and belly, belly pork fat and meat from italian farms.


Pork meat, salt, sugar, natural flavourings, wild fennel, garlic, pepper, preservatives and antioxidants.


Pork meat is minced and mixed with salt, pepper, garlic and aromatic herbs.  Whole sun-dried wild fennel seeds are added to the mix.  The mix is then filled in natural casings.

After, the FINOCCHIONA SALAMI  are 'heat dried' for approximately one week before they start the maturation period.

Finally, the salami are placed in fresh and dry maturation rooms to let the product develop its characteristic flavour and texture.


In Tuscany, it is usually accompanied by broad beans.

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3kg/2 PARMPS520C

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