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Il Riso Carnaroli


Vercelli, Italy

Il Riso Acquerello, is a Carnaroli Extra Type rice grown, aged, whitened and packed in Italy on the Colombara Farm, by the Rondolino family.

Il Riso Acquerello rice is the only rice aged over 15 months.  To age properly, the freshly harvested crop must be stored, as long as possible, in unique  steel silos at a constant controlled temperature, because during this period, the starch, combined with the oxygen, optimizes its culinary charactéristics. 

The traditional stone husking is carried out using the Helix, invented by Piero Rondolino in 1975 and nowadays exclusive to the Rondolino Family.  The Helix gently blanches the rice, while leaving a fine layer of the rind intact, a layer that prevents fractures and broken grains.  This step is important as it ensures uniformity in cooking. 

The re-enrichment of the refined rice with its germ restores the most valuable nutrients of brown rice, inevitably lost in the refining process.  Fro a nutritional point of view, Il Riso Acquerello is complete because, unlike any other white rice, it contains more proteins, mineral, vitamins and all the other micro-elements within the germ otherwise present only in brown rice.

It is the perfect rice for the risotto, but also for paella, soups or desserts.

The rice is preserved in airtight containers of various sizes.

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